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Mustang Mountain #1:
Sky Horse

Three very different girls struggle to reach Mustang Mountain Ranch on horseback through a spring blizzard. High in a Rocky Mountain wilderness, they must resolve their differences and summon all their courage to save themselves and three other survivors of the storm -- a young pilot, an English groom and a beautiful white horse.


Mustang Mountain #2:
Fire Horse

When Alison carelessly leaves a gate open two horses escape. Alison, Meg, Becky and their friend Henry ride to the high mountain meadows where they are trapped by a wild fire set by lightning. A magnificent mustang stallion comes out of nowhere to save the young riders and their horses. But can they save him?


Mustang Mountain #3:
Night Horse

Night Horse takes place at night under a full moon. The moonlight is so bright that Meg, Alison and Becky can see their shadows as they ride. Two new characters come into the story: Chance, the mysterious figure in black and Thomas, a First Nation's boy with a special way with horses. Alison thinks Chance is exciting while Meg suspects him of being a bounty hunter hired to shoot Wildfire, the mustang stallion. Becky doesn't care about either Chance or Thomas. She just wants to rescue Windy who is going to have her foal this moonlit night, far from the safety of Mustang Mountain.


Mustang Mountain #4:
Wild Horse

When Meg, Alison and Becky go to Wyoming to spend their holiday on a ranch, Meg and Becky are thrilled with the promise of riding wild horses. But when Alison refuses to participate and complains about everything, it looks like the entire vacation may be a disaster. Then Alison discovers a wild horse that needs her help. As hope for the sick horse fades, she must conquer her anger and come up with a plan to save it.


Mustang Mountain #5:
Rodeo Horse

As Alison basks in her newly discovered rodeo talents, Becky struggles to train the wild horse Shadow, and find out more about Sam, the mysterious brother of a champion barrel racer. Meanwhile Meg is stuck in New York, longing to join them at the Calgary Stampede. As the Stampede fast approaches, they are all anxious to take part but an accident threatens their plans. or was it an accident? Together they must overcome their differences to find out the truth.

Mustang Mountain #6:
Brave Horse

A phantom horse, a missing friend, a dangerous valley filled with abandoned mine shafts.... Not exactly what Meg, Becky, and Alison were expecting on vacation at the Mustang Mountain Ranch in the Rocky Mountains. Becky was hoping for a peaceful time without her annoying cousin Alison. Alison was supposed to be travelling to Paris with her father. And Meg was planning to meet Thomas. Soon the girls have to organize a rescue party. But will they be in time?


Mustang Mountain #7:
Free Horse

Meg is about to leave Mustang Mountain Ranch when Ruby Tucker, the owner of a neighboring lodge, falls ill. Together with Thomas, Meg must help run the lodge and look after Ruby’s rambunctious 10-year-old stepson, Tyler. Trouble starts when Tyler opens a gate and lets the ranch horses out. During the search for the horses, Thomas discovers that someone is catching and selling wild horses. Could it be Tyler’s brother Brett and his friends? A hailstorm hits and Thomas fails to return to the lodge. Can Meg and Tyler find Thomas and save the wild horses?


Mustang Mountain #8:
Swift Horse

Alison Chant is angry at the world. She wants a new horse, but everything gets in her way. First, her mom says, "No more horses!" then, she finds the horse of her dreams, but it belongs to a young girl named Kristy Jones, who refuses to sell her beloved Skipper. Finally, Alison takes matters into her own hands, only to get Skipper and herself into terrible trouble at a barrel race.

Who can save her? Will it be Chuck McClintock, the goofy redheaded cowboy she met at Mustang Mountain Ranch? Or will it be his good-looking cousin, Craig? Alison wondering what to do when a surprise visitor shows up to test the limits of her endurance.


Mustang Mountain #9:
Dark Horse

Becky Sanderson has entered her first endurance challenge, the Wildflower 50. She and her mother's chestnut mare, Windy, have to race 50 gruelling miles over rough mountain trails. Becky is confident she can do it, especially with the help of her friend, Rob. But Rob unexpectantly gets distracted by another racer, a willowy blonde whose behaviour is more than a little suspicious.

Will Becky's jealousy get in the way of her finishing the race? The competition gets rough, and for some of the riders it seems there's more at stake than first place. Becky finds herself caught up in a vicious race with riders who will stop at nothing to win.

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