"The Mystery Stallion was amazing, and I can't wait for Wild Horse Creek #2 to come out. I really want to read it!"

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"Avid fans of Siamon's previous "Mustang Mountain" and "Saddle Island" books have made their enthusiasm known about her writing. As one young reader says, 'As soon as I pick up one of your books I can't put it down.' And I, although somewhat older than the average reader of these books, felt the same about this new series!" (Canadian Materials, June, 2009)

Mustang Mountain in the UK!

"Fab Read! A perfect read for pony mad girls! " (Animals and You, April, 2009)

Sharon Siamon's best-selling horse novels are published in Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Hungary, the Czech republic and in the US and Canada.

Her Mustang Mountain and Saddle Island series have sold well over a million copies internationally and been recognized by many Children's Choice awards from the Canadian Children's Book Centre.

Welcome to Sharon Siamon's Website! Sharon writes for readers who love horses, wilderness adventures and good friends. She hopes you find everything you want to know about her and her books on these pages!

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