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Fishing for Trouble

Kiff Kokatow was always getting into trouble. He didn't mean to--it just happened! Like the time he brought out the rotten fish during his speech and nearly made everyone sick, or the time he sank the boats at his parent's fishing camp, or the time...

Read about Kiff and his friends Odie and Josie Moon and Remington Wickers and the fishing derby on Pickle Lake.


A Horse for Josie Moon

If Josie Moon could have a horse, it would be a shiny black stallion. They would go galloping through the fields of tall grass together.

But there is no place for a horse on Little Pickle Island where Josie lives. There is barely room for her family's house, the boathouse and a few blueberries.

Josie knows her dream of having a horse may never come true. That's why she can hardly believe her eyes when she spots some horses in the bush near town. But when a huge forest fire threatens the town and the horses, Josie has to trust Kiff with her secret...

Gallop for Gold

Another summer with Remington Wickers? Kiff Kokatow will go crazy. Remington spoiled his summer two years ago (in Fishing For Trouble). He never helps, he never wants to go anywhere, and everything scares him--even a few harmless leeches.

But this year, Remington has a surprise for Kiff and his friends. He arrives at Big Pickle Lake with a horse, and it isn't just any horse. It's an award-winning Icelandic horse. Too bad Remington can't ride!


A Fine Day for Drool

Kiff and his friends are back for another exciting adventure, this time with a lovable dog named Drool.

When Kiff hears about an old trading post deep in the bush, he is dying to visit it. Maybe there is a buried treasure? But the only person who knows how to get there is stuck-up Josie Moon, and she won't tell. Kiff decides to trick Josie by following her. But things go wrong, and before long Kiff and the others are caught in a hair-raising adventure.

• Fishing for Trouble
• A Horse for Josie Moon
• Gallop for Gold
• A Fine Day for Drool

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My Books 9